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So soft-spoken,with awesome diction,a mass of uncontrollable black hair and brown eyes. Whenever my mind reverts to the day I met the Indian boy,I can't but smile to myself. It was my first day at Creek's Elementary. My five year old self was bored and terribly shy but this boy with funny black hair and a funnier accent kept making silly but funny faces at me through out. At recess,I just had to offer this new friend half of my Oreos to which he politely refused. From that moment,I knew I had made a life-time friend and brother. 
   As we grew,our friendship as well as difficulties grew and so did his Cancer. To his parents,I wasn't good enough to be friends with him because my parents do not have as much as they do. Or perhaps,because I am Nigerian. The day Greg had his legs amputated was one of the most emotional days of my life. It was cancer of the lower limbs. He kept smiling and telling me not to worry about it . And yess,he came out but in a wheelchair. 
   We thought that was it. The cancerous part was gone. A few check-ups later,we found out that Greg's cancer had spread beyond the limbs. And that he could either opt for chemotherapy or surgery. Greg took the chance and went in for surgery. 
   When the surgeon came out. It was all over his face. My best friend... I ran out ! I couldn't hear it. It couldn't be. My bestfriend ! I didn't see it coming,his death or the car. I didn't hear the screams or screeches.

  Aristotle said that love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. My heart was really damaged because of the accident. It was so bad,I needed a heart transplant. His parents decided to give me his heart. 
Whenever my heart beats,it beats for two. My soul is in Gregory's and I can't feel alone or sad because I know Greg would never want that. Gregory is alive to me. I can feel him everywhere especially in my heart.
  • Two bodies,one soul.

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