Little Black Dress
Hey Guys 

My apologies for the inconsistencies with my posting off late, it's been a crazy copy of days and I can't wait for it to all settle down. 

Today's little black dress is something I made from my earlier days as a designer and it's a real mvp, owned it for over 3 years now. 

It a versatile piece just like it's creator and have served me well, paired with my hooker boot and a little vintage beaded clutch. This look is both comfortable and current; also am in love with the cat eyes glasses and they are going to be featured a lot this summer! 

Dress: D' Promise Collection
Glasses: Online 
Clutch: Vintage 
Shoes: Ebay

Photos Chima Luke Okafor                                              Email: cheemluke CLO Photography                                            Facebook: CLO Photography(Chima Luke Okafor)

London, United Kingdom
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