Past Present and Future
28th September, 2015 Writers

The air filled with joy and happiness. Everyone is having a restless night. It's the last day in college,they are finally free from the system.

The graduands are having a sendoff party in the amphitheatre,the DJ is switching from the popular hit song Bobo from Olamide to "Stand up{for the Champions} by Right Said Fred.

Every turn to the tune and awake the Spirit of party in them, different dance steps was seen from Bobo dance to the popular shoki.

At a corner is the irony, Jide and Sandra the best couples of the year for three straight years,this is what I called one in a million love as its rare to find such in this days.

They met when they were in there third year, it's was love at first sight but took them months to admit to themselves.

          "Don't worry, this is not goodbye but see you later, I will always be in touch so no need to worry" Jide calmly says.

           "That's not the problem, what do we do about your mum?How will you convince her? " She queried 

Jide mother has refused to give her blessings on the relationship due to Sandra family background.

She hails from Urhobo tribe in the southern part of the country. 

There is usually trouble whenever she sees the two together, she believes girls from that areas are of bad character and can't make good wife. All pleas to her fell on deaf ears. 

Having finish college, Jide is to go to Malaysia for a year course before returning back to the country. Both are unsure of their future together,marraige looks blur and uncertain but love kept them together.

           "Let's just have faith and take each day,as it comes,let the past worry us not, the future we think not, and the present we embrace and enjoy to the fullest. " Jide  concluded. 

They embrace each other and join the party with nothing on their mind.

Osun, Nigeria
  • A flash fiction

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