Friends with Benefits
16th June, 2015 Writers
I might have gotten a wrong tittle, it probably should have been been "When he says I love you but.."
Enjoy the read. 

Some people would probably hate me for this but I speak the truth. Don't get this say you like her a lot but you not ready to commit to her right? Don't answer that, well not yet, but you have sex with her, consistently calling her your mistress but no commitments. You call it friends with benefits, no feeling or emotions tied to it and during sex you say the words " I love you" and  of course no commitment. You actually lead her on with sweet romantic words but you not ready to become more than friends but you want her to think of you as her boyfriend right?

So you tell her you woke up with her on your mind forgetting to tell her about the next lady by your side. You like the euphoria of being single but crave her attention like she's the only one to mingle. You get angry when she doesn't call you everyday and you like the attention but you only call when you horny so you can get some phony sex right but she's not your girlfriend, just friends. You only just like her but want her attention but surprisingly you get angry when she's on the phone with some other guy and you get all jealous and angry demanding an explanation, but it's ok for you to flirt and have phone sex with other girls right? So she's your friend you like a lot and have sex with her but no commitment and you also frown at the idea of her going into any relationship but crave all her attention focused on only you. You want her to think she's your girl but you have other ladies in your life and you treat them the same way. You say you only want to have fun but want her to respect you like she's your woman but that's not even the end, you also expect her to give you some money when you broke, by the way she's the girl you like a lot but no commitment. You like it when she says she loves you but you don't want to be committed to only her. You tell her to keep it a secrete that you are on her case, giving some silly excuse like three is a crowd no one needs to know.

So please, who is she or rather who are you?

She's the one that does all the calling but you, you the boss, no expectations and nothing attached right, but the moment it looks like she's moving on and getting herself back together you go online, Facebook precisely, and you look through all her pictures, saving some on your phone like a lecture.
Then you make that call, telling her you miss her and wanted to hear her voice and finally you relate it to one of those days you had a good night, wanting her to miss the event and all that happened that moment, but you not dating her, you only like her right?

Eventually you succeed in wooing her and you play the guy who looks interested but no commitments tested, well not yet, hopefully in the coming months but you tell her you love her and she's the only one then you have sex with her and the next few days you are busy like 007 mission impossible. She calls and calls but no response, she drops the messages but no reply and then the pings but not read. Seven hours latter you come online apologising that you've been busy running errands and your mum sent you to town and then the market and then you call her over and have sex with her but wait...she's not your girlfriend yet just some girl you love abi.

After sex you sleep off immediately, and for the next two hours you sleeping. You finally wake up, that's when you remember that mummy sent you on an errand and you've not done it yet. You promise to call her in the next two hours but it's two days and counting and she still haven't heard from you but you love her right.

It's two months and you having those moments when you miss her again, and it's the same routine, Facebook...and it's three months again, abeg, bross,what are you doing?

You tell her we going to see my parents next weekend, but next weekend there was a bussiness meeting that lasted for three days .

How often do you hear this, he's going to break up with his girlfriend soon. Sister...wake up, that's never going to happen, it never happens check the books.

He only chats with you between 11:30pm and 1am when his girlfriend is as sleep but he's always asking you to send a picture of your sleepy face or what you wearing, but he's not ready for anything serious but he's always asking what u wearing and send him something nude like you are his mule but no commitments attached.

I still wonder how you can share so much with someone and then have them treated like some poo. How do people separate their emotions and feelings after sex and call it friends with benefit.
Ladies in this category please wake up, it's about time, you not a toy, toys don't feel anything, toys don't respond to feelings, and you forget you wonderfully made, you sure feel something, you beautiful beyond measures, don't let some dude treat you like a toy.

*The girl version should be out next week. Friends with benefits/ when she says I love you but...

Lagos, Nigeria
  • A call to reality. I might have gotten the title wrong. Maybe would name it when He says I love you but...

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