18th June, 2015 Writers
Lost love.

The night was cold
And everything was black
My buddies called
I fancied talking in the dark
With almost everyone
It was quite awesome
More than ever before
And with nothing more
I said a prayer and slept

In the middle of the night
Judy, my girlfriend called
I was a little bit hesitant
And before I picked
I heard a knock at the door
So I let her in my room
Though it was unusual
I allowed her to sleep
After a few mins we slept.

Owls hooted stupidly 
Birds sang noisily
Everything was done roughly 
But it was 5:20am exactly
So we woke up well happily
To go to town earlier
And avoid the traffic barrier.
We left by the back door
And we got one bus luckily.

I had not locked the door
So jude offered to rush
And bring the keys
She kissed me and ran
It was beautiful looking at her
I didnt know that it was over
She had gone forever.
For she met the terrorists 
Murdered her as I watched

Before the bus left 
She raised her head n waved
watched as her soul escaped
I wished I went to rescue
But I couldn't move out
Along with other friends
She lost her life mysteriously
Cursed be them who kill
For I lost my love forever.
      (Poems by Brian mulei)
Nairobi, Kenya
  • It's sad how a gang mercilessly kills innocent people. This madness should stop.

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