18th June, 2015 Writers
         Abortion is death.

In the middle of the night
No one has the sight
She heads straight
The spirit continues to fight
But helpless her holds tight
Of the pills never to neglect
Forest is not anyway bright
So it has to keep the secret
But life has to listens n wait

She reads the prescription
Owls hoot momentously
With close attention
She analyzes carefully
At the previous portion
Of her life mindfully
It only needs this correction
A still voice rebels inwardly

Holding the glass 
And the pills
She can't move out the class
For she has a future 
So she swallows the pills
And owls hoot the more
As she sits down
With a lot of desperation

Police! Police! Police!
It's all over in the news
The chief's daughter
Eternally resting in the forests
Where owls romantic songs
Are sung endlessly
She'd listen forever joyfully 
 Students mourn tirelessly. 
They escort her to the grave
prematurely world she leaves

    (Poems by Brian mulei)

Nairobi, Kenya
  • It's sad ladies aborting in this century which according to me is nothing less than murder.

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