18th June, 2015 Writers
     Trust and greed.

It took so long to build
Like a house that would
Touch the sky
Each day was laughter
Every hour was fun.
In our poorly thatched house
Love breezes made us happy

You made hundreds
And thousands of promises
Like a kid you lay in my chest
As I made promises too
Every night we'd laugh
Every morning we'd smile
Love breezes made us happy

Money captured your brain
Greed convinced you
Lust took you away
So u cared not about me
And I decided to let you go
For I couldn't trust you again

He drove you to the cities
You helped him squander
But he infected you with aids
I watched keenly in tears
And I couldn't trust you again

Days passed as illness
Consumed your lovely body
You remembered I loved you
So u called me to rescue
And I didn't hesitate
For I really loved you
I let you lie on my chest
And even wen u were dying
Love breezes made us happy.

   (Poems by Brian Mulei)
Nairobi, Kenya
  • You can build trust in 100 yrs and destroy it in few seconds. Take care.

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