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WHAT HAVE YOU DONE by Chiderah Dhayvid

You relegated God to the back seat
You made the devil your main chick
You Kissed his feet
You made him lord over you
Even though he doesn't allow you
You make God your side chick
Going to Him when you need satisfaction you feel the devil can't give you
What have you done
Made the devil more important
Made him first priority
Made him your king of kings
He gave you luxury cars and private jets
No time for eagles wings
Allowed him to manipulate his way to the top of your scale of preference
Not thinking of God,why reverence
Making God your opportunity cost
Saying you can always get right with God
There is no time lost
After all His grace is sufficient for me
What have you done
You treating God like an inferior good
You ignore Him, you dump Him
Because of your increase in income you feel the need not to consume Him
After all who is He, what has He done for me? you ask
What have you done
Because of the continuos blessings of God upon your life
You feel you get satisfied as the days go by,attributing the blessings of God to that of diminishing marginal utilities
I'm tired you say,why should I consume the same good again and again
What have you done
What's up with your infidelity
You finally choose to get married to Him
But then year to the year,months pass,day after day, there is no change
You keep going around chasing the pleasures of this world Feeding your flesh
Leaving your spirit man famished
Hungered,angered and provoked to do nothing
What have you done
Now you begin to doubt like Thomas
God's grace and mercies upon us
You ended it, called it quits
Believing in God
You felt of yourself a misfit
So you stopped talking to Him
And closed that chapter of your life
And you lost it all
What have you done
What you should have done
Accepting that there is only one true being that can satisfy you profitably and He is the only one we report to
Our unity of command is to God
Accepting that He ain't the chick here
He is the main man
He is the bridegroom and with light he gave us life and is making us the prefect wife
Accepting that he is numero uno
The number one and second to none
And he forever resides at the top and He is always with us no second guessing
Accepting that he is cannot be treated like an inferior good but as a giffen good
As you grow,physically,emotionally and increase financially your consumption of Him should escalates rampantly
Understanding that He is not just a chapter but the alpha and omega ,the beginning and the end,the topic sentence,the supporting sentence,the concluding sentence and the center of it all
What you should have done
Talked to Him
Listened to Him
fed your spirit man
Believed in Him
Trust in Him
Be faithful to Him
Rely on Him
Stay with Him
What you should never do
Don't loose faith
Don't loose hope
Don't quit
Dios con nosotros
God is with us

Accra, Ghana
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