27th June, 2015 Writers
     Three apples

Two trees in the plantation
Greatly offer protection
Beautiful they're to my apples
Every1 admires these apples
As I got attracted to one
The other two fell one by one
I love these colorful apples

The oldest apple is calm
I love it wen it's on my palm
It's ever sociable and caring
So every time I like glaring
Though initially I used to fear
I love every time to stare
I love these colorful apples

The middle one is  sociable
Ever cool and adorable
I took time to stare
I think few can dare
It's not an easy tree to climb
Take delight in its honeycomb
I love these colorful apples

The last is never the least
It's ever blazing in light
But even wen I hold it tight
It sneaks though not to fight
It's every time bright
So I fancy holding tight
I love these colorful apples

Forever I will adore
These beautiful apples more
Than anyone can do it
Mercy, Ruth and Eliza I'll fight
Forever your love to protect 
You're so sweet go to let
I love these colorful apples

   (Poems by Bryan Mulei)

Nairobi, Kenya
  • Based on ppo I treasure.

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