Just Try One More Time
22nd June, 2015 Writers

When I was a kid I was fooled by the world in which I found myself to believe that success was just around the corner, only if I could just work hard. Though those words are right, but what they didn't tell me was that I've to face a whole lot of beating before I could get to that success. I thought, just like an expressway, I've to keep running nonestop. I was never told told there were potholes, and that even marauders could waylay me. I wasn't told that the journey could be like trekking to heaven, only to get a lift when I never expected. I wasn't prepared to face these obstacles. I was naive, myopic and thinking straight forward too, working my ass out hoping that I'd see the success right away. In my thinking, success was just a stone throw.

I wanted to change the status quo; I wanted to change my poor miserable life. There were whole lots of things I wanted to change. With bellicosity, I took off to the battle ground ready to fight myself to the top. There and behold, what I bargained for, was not what I got. I kept struggling and I kept failing; I kept fighting and I kept being defeated. I was just left in that secluded ring with a gigantic monster called failure.

To my right, there were no parents, and to my left, no friend. Even at my back, no brother no sister, not even a single relative. This monster beat me into a state of comatose. I screamed, bellyached, yet none of those who decieved me with that opening statement came to my rescue. In the course of finding this success my sweat turned into thick blood clot, and my nerves became stiff like a tree root. It dawned on me that those beatings, I must recieve; that in order to win the war, I've to change the game plan, and even embrace a weightier beating which will come in form of failures and disappointments. When I became passive and pensive, my mindset  changed and prepared for the journey, I found the lift I never expected; but then, I've seen my ears with my naked eyes.

This was our mindset prior to pursuing our dreams. We were unprepared for the challenges ahead of us, and we thought we could do it, one or two times and get it right. That was why, when those beatings became dire, we backed off waiting for the hands of fate to pity us. Some became lethargic and despondent, rolling their burdens on God, thinking a miracle will come just like manna fell from heaven.

To trust in God is the best, but miracles work better when you stand on your feet again and try it again just "ONE MORE TIME," yes "ONE MORE TIME." You really don't need to quit becasue if you quit, life will quit you. Pick up your shattered life, accept to be beating black and blue. Pick up your demoralized self, dig and dust that dream and ambition, drop the lethargy and just do it this "ONE MORE TIME. Even if you fail, just keep doing it one more time. Look at that word "Impossible as "I'm'Possible and soar just like an eagle. But dont forget to change your game plan each one more time, and make that word, your life. The good thing is that you've been well acquainted and prepared to face the failures, you won't be caught unawares. Having this at the back of your mind will make you to use the desired weapon to fight, and that is rejigging your tactical formation; and not lose hope or back out when you perennially fail to get that success.

Just like I kept receiving the beating, getting up "ONE MORE TIME," you too will, just this last "ONE MORE TIME; Only if you keep getting up, just ONE MORE TIME.

Anambra, Nigeria
  • A lot of us keep facing daunting challenges, ready to keep us down for the rest of our lives. You have tried so many times to get back on your feet, yet it seems almost impossible to do so, because you keep failing. I mean, you are tired of trying.

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