My Beloved
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It was the first day of summer holiday!!!
Blue darling! Her mother called. Waking up, her brown eyes met her mother's. The day was bright, and this made Blue feel somewhat elated. 'Hunay, I made you some toasts and a glass of milk'. Alicia said to her 14 yr old daughter.

Blue was the only child of her parents. She was beautiful and looked almost exactly like her parents. Family and friends couldn't really decide if she looked like her father or mother. Some argued it was Alicia, others, John Collins. She had their features almost equally.

After a long refreshing shower
,she headed to the dining prepared to eat the food her mother made her. She had a bite of the toasts and muttered, 'hmmmmm, Momma's toasts are the best'.

She wore a blue top, a leggings and fancy slippers. She headed to her neighbors'. Being the only child, she was always home alone, which she hated. At her neighbors', she saw girls and boys her age, but she was too shy to speak to anyone.

An overly handsome boy walked up to Blue, 'hi', he said. She was shocked, but replied with some confidence, ' hey'. Gray wore a yellow shirt and a black short. He spoke again, 'I'm Gray and you're?'. Flustered, she replied, 'I'm blue'.
'Why is she blushing so hard?' Jackie whispered to Mary. It was the first day of the week and the students were waiting for their maths teacher. As a 9th grade student at Brentwood school, California, Blue was a pretty good student. Her best friends were Jackie and Mary.

'I think I'm in love', she replied. 'What?', Mary and Jackie exclaimed.     Blue was never a sucker for love, in fact she never really believed love existed. The two stared at each other wondering if Blue was someone else. 'I know guys, its weird huh?' She told 'em. Still astonished, they replied in unison 'very weird, Blue, but tell us about it'.

'Good morning class', the teacher said upon entering the classroom. 'Good morning, Mr Miller', the students roared. Miller Hill, the man with the  astonishing figure, grey eyes and dark brown hair was every girl's dream. Girls drooled over his good looks and even offered him their bodies. 'Okay class, open your textbooks and attempt the exercise on page 18', saying this, Hill stormed out of the class.

'I met a guy yesterday', she said. 'Really, tell us about him, his name, is he handsome? Where does he stay?' Her friends were all over her. ' Hey girls, could you take it one at a time, please?' Blue pleaded. They chatted as they walked to the cafetaria. 'His name is Gray, oh yeah, he's handsome', she said with a smile. 'Omg Blue, I see the spark in your eyes' Jackie exclaimed.

Jackie, also 14 yrs, but months older than Mary and Blue was born with a silver spoon, she knew no troubles. She has two brothers making her the only girl. Jackie Diamont is the last child of her multi-billionaire parents, Catherine and Ben Diamont.

'Remember we were going to pick up Ted at the East wing, yeah? Mary said. 'Oh yeah' they answered. Ted was Mary's only brother and he was a sixth grader. Mary and Ted stayed with their mother, their parents divorced when she was 8. Despite being an average family, they never lacked because Emily Baker provided her children with all they ever needed.

After picking up Ted, it was about time to leave school, Blue muttered to herself, 'I can't wait to go home', she said beneath her breath. She was hoping to see Gray Anderson.

Lagos, Nigeria
  • Its a teen-fiction. Its about a young girl's childhood lover whom she refers to as 'her beloved'.

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