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My day started like any other day.  I woke up 6 a.m. Got breakfast ready and left for work with uncle Jeff.  By noon uncle Jeff came to the reception and said to me with the usual glint in his eyes, ” let’s go home”. “Someone would be there” I said.” No”he told me. Off we went.

We got to the sitting room and pounced on each other- we have crazy chemistry is my only excuse. We were so  busy devouring each other, we didn’t hear the door open. It was the sound of broken glass the cut through our cloud of desire. We had an audience.

With a smile on my face I calmly watched the emotions swim across her face.  The shock went first, pain came next, followed closely by revulsion and finally rage.  I watched as it called on the judge and jury of her mind,  as it made it’s case and the verdict was passed. – True rage doesn’t erupt or explode. It presents your case before a council of its own,  finds you guilty and the passes a sentence that the rage bearer carries out. You do not get to defend yourself and judgement is passed swiftly.

In my case, Onote my niece tried me for having an affair with her dad.  She walked in on us making out in the living room. We weren’t expecting anyone back so soon. My sentence was to be beaten by a girl I trained and nursed.  She reached for the artificial bamboo rod in flower vase by the TV and walked towards me.

Her useless Father was as quiet as a dumb duck.  His fat lower lip hanging in shock.  Mtscheew useless buffoon I will deal with him later.

As Onote walked towards me I laughed.  “Queen bee”, I called to her,  “I have a story to tell you.  When you are done listening you can beat me all you want. ”

She swung at me. I move out of the way and I slapped her so hard she fell. I picked the bamboo and pointed it at her. ” Listen” I said again. Sobbing quietly she nodded.

By now her buffoon of a father had gotten over his shock. I think he stays in shock longer than he can keep his hard-on. He walked towards me and demanded the same way he demands I bend over for the bamboo. I wacked him on the head with the bamboo as my response.

Now I had Onote’s attention.  I sat down and started my story. I was 12 when my mum died and I was sent to live with my big sis Itse. I didn’t mind one bit.  She was my big sister and my mum.  Where she was, was home.

I was 13 when uncle Jeff her husband,  your  father came to my room for the first time. That day it was raining and he said sis Itse said I was afraid of thunders. He came to see to it I wasn’t scared.

He held me and started telling me a story. I noticed his hands were moving up and down my arm,  it was a calming feeling,  I liked it. I dozed to awaken to his arms caressing the flesh in between my legs. It was a sweet feeling but I knew it was wrong.

I asked him to stop. Writhing and moaning but saying no. I was powerless to the feeling his touch evoked even though my mind knew it was wrong. I tried to get away from him but he held me with strong hands. He kept on whispering to me how beautiful I was,  how I was the one controlling him,  how he would die if he doesn’t touch me,  how it would feel better than this in a minute. With experience fingers he stroked till I came.

I wished he stopped there that night,  but he didn’t. He said that was for me and now he wanted to  take for himself.  He inserted his thing into my mouth and asked me to suck, told me to imagine it was  lollipop. I bit him and he hit me hard across the face. A sharp pain in between my legs ushered me to consciousness. Uncle had put his thing inside me and was grunting like a pig.
When he was done he left the room.  I cried myself to sleep. Aunty Itse checks on me at night and wakes me up in the morning. This night she didn’t come. She will come in the morning I told myself. When she didn’t show the next morning I knew she knew and did nothing to help me. She will help me next time I told myself.

Three weeks later sis Itse travelled. That day uncle Jeff brought porn. He made me watch and imitate positions he fancied. He  touched me till he found out what I liked. For the entire weekend we feasted on each other.I mastered his body and he mastered mine.

After that day it just was. I tried sleeping with other people but he is my best. I have lost love one time too many because I cannot imagine getting married and doing this.I have killed innocent babies, my own sweet but tainted children.  Tainted by the evil that is your father. I have tried to kill myself and still here I am.

Funny thing though your mum still feigns ignorance. I am your dad’s PA, i go on business trips with him and  we book the same room. I have deliberately left hotel room receipts and she still feign ignorance. I have forgotten my underwear in their room a lot of  times and still not a peep. I am her sister, I am her daughter and she destroyed me to keep being married to this monster. He must good at something.

So judge me. Carry out the verdict of your rage. But remember the reason you have parents is because I am yet to carry out the verdict of my rage. But before you do anything your father owes me a climax.

I dragged uncle Jeff inside my room and made him grunt and scream. Oh yes I screamed as well.

  • Sometimes the walls are invisible. It doesn't mean that we are not trapped behind them.

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