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22nd June, 2015 Writers
Hello everyone, my name is Douglas, 44 years old, father to two lovely children,and I am an Overeaters Anonymous. It all started when I lost my best friends 13years ago. Both of them died the same day and I haven't stopped eating since then. I used to be a very fit person, worked out at least twice a week and I always watched what I put into my mouth but all that changed 13years- 5months-and 19days ago. I traveled for a short course outside the country which was supposed to last for three weeks but we ended up finishing in 2weeks so I decided to come back home early to spend time with my family, so I went shopping for their favorite stuff and I doubled the chocolate buy from the duty free. Her love for chocolate had no bounds, Yet she had no flesh to show for it.
My wife and I had been having some trust issues for a while now because she caught me sexting with an older colleague of hers and I apologized and ended it before we even started anything. She slowly drew away from me afterwards and I had to call in the calvary to help apologize to her. My friends and family came to my rescue but not before she made me write an apology letter and swear to never attempt such again. This was our first major issue after 4 years if marriage and 3 years of courtship. I met her through a friend of mine during our NYSC and we kicked it off afterwards. We fell in love with each other overtime and that was when we decided to get married and marry we did. 
I never really cheated on her per say, except if you call going to strip clubs and getting a lap dance bi-weekly, cheating. Yes, I probably flirted with a few girls here and there but it never got that serious. A few one night stands with friends and strangers but it was always once in a blue moon and Doctor Adeniyi was always there to help cover my ass. Adeniyi is or rather was my best friend in whom I was well pleased. Every time we were on one of our "cheatmood", he would call my wife and say we are hanging out and because he is one of the few responsible people she approved of as my friend, she would believe him and go to bed with a smile.
Okay, back to my shopping spree, I bought everything I needed to appease the wife for the crime I committed a couple of months ago and I was airborne, I was going home to where the ones I loved liveth. My flight landed for 8:a.m on Thursday and by the time I was done with the customs and clearing agents, it was past 11, and I was exhausted beyond recognition. My office driver had been at the airport since 6:30am and the thought of him sleeping in the car (which was against the company rule) while waiting for me, didn't seem so bad at all because I couldn't imagine myself been in his shoes at the moment. We eventually left the airport at half past 11 and headed home straight. I probably slept off a few minutes after but I came to when the driver woke me up a few blocks from my house, which was in the staff quarters. My wife was definitely home and probably in her brown see through lingerie cleaning the children's room, the thought of that alone gave me a hard-on and knowing we had up until 5pm before the school bus dropped the kids, I was super aroused. 
I walked in through the kitchen door because it didn't have the squeaky sound the front door had mastered in. I had earlier asked the driver to leave the luggage by the front door quietly so he was on that. I closed the door behind me, took off my shoes, shirt, boxers, and vest leaving my socks on. She wasn't in the the kids room or parlour so I assumed she was in the room or bathroom (all the better for me). I opened the door to our room quietly and I stood there for a while with a huge smile on my face. There she was, the woman I loved, my wife, the mother of my kids, and the reason I came back 5days earlier. There she was naked as the day she was birthed, her hair was scattered, all over her face while she rode. She was on top of Adeniyi, my best friend, moaning and riding as fast as a Porsche. I had never seen her like this before, not with me though. She was not that submissive to our lovemaking and we hadn't had sex in over four months because I was caught at the verge of cheating and she was punishing me. Adeniyi our family doctor and friend who advised me to give her time to accept me back into her bed when she was ready was actually lying under my wife, on our matrimonial bed, in my house, at 12:42pm. 
I haven't stopped eating chocolates and junks since then because that's the only thing that makes me happy and now I am a size 30. 
I admit I am powerless over my food consumption and this has made my life unmanageable. I need help
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