Loneliness breeds bitterness
23rd June, 2015 Writers

A testimony of cold empty days gone by.
The earth like my heart was once green and innocent.
An untouched utopia surrounded by the warmth of its serenity.

The earth like my heart was once full and pulsating.
A precise shape it was; curved and beautiful.
It's round edges etched out by its clear streams and sweet tasting lakes.
Aeons ages, bliss was just a breath.

The earth like my heart is now empty and desolate .
A shrub of pain entwined with grassy longings occupy all space.
The air is heavy with hope but overcast with clouds of sure doom.
Salty beads of rain Tear open the sky mirroring the pain this heart cuddles.

What force could save these from apparent self-destruction.
The emptiness has burrowed deep into the very crevices purity flowed.
They were once in tune with the words "Joy comes from within".
But nay, within is a playhouse of monstrous sadness cloaked by brooding darkness.
Necrosis sets in as they lay hold of fate.
Lagos, Nigeria
  • This piece centers on depression, loneliness and emptiness of a desolate heart...

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