Adam First man or not
23rd June, 2015 Writers
The BIG question is, " how did man come into existence"?. The many religion we have today and those of the old gods possesses different beliefs on how man came into being.

Growing up as a Christian, learnt a lot from the bible about its own view on the existence of man and that have to share with you bacause believe even non Christians knows about this.

The generally known belief about how man came into this come cn be best explained through science which we hardly accept due to our beliefs in our different religion, this w hardly believe because many thinks its goes contrary so the scripture and also tag God as a liar.

The evolution of man can be said to be derived from an apelike ancestors millions of year ago, this theory states that man through series of environmental and genetic factors emerged as  species to produce a variety of ethnic structures while modern apes evolved on a seperate evolutionary pathway.
This article in no way tries to allow you deviate from your own beliefs or religious knowlege on the subject matter buh seres as an educational tool to expand you current knowlede on the issue.

Abia, Nigeria
  • Well it kinda counters the biblical belief dat Adam was really the first man on earth , why beacuse it has been proven scientifically that he isn't.

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