She Devil
23rd June, 2015 Writers

She’s bespectacled with mesmerizing smile strong enough to disarm even a knife wielding villain; sitting all alone at the back seat. Her perfume says more of her sweetness, and her black top makes her chocolate colour glittering like a black diamond. The aura hovering around her could attract even a devil to her. A quintessence of an African beauty, more of a façade to her deceptive heart which will accentuate not later than six months.  Such a beauty sitting in that public transport alone in the back seat, I’m sure the other passengers would have opted to rush over to her seat, judging by the way they’re ogling at her. Luckily, I’m the next passenger to board the bus, and guess what? I became her first victim falling for her charms. You don’t expect me to sit anywhere else except beside this enticement. Stepping into the bus, she smiles at me, making me lose concentration; serendipity is playing a part. I walk up to the seat she’s, like a bull being led to the abattoir to be slaughtered; though I knew my emotions will be slaughtered if I ever get to miss hooking up with this damsel. “Good morning.” She said, giggling. “Good evening.” I replied staring at her glittering skin, which the rays from the sun make glossier. Whatever time it’s I never cared, even if she’d called me idiot as a greeting, I would have whole heartedly accepted it. “Please.” I asked. “Is this bus going to Awka?” What a foolish question; I mean I’m holding the ticket for Awka, and here I’m asking if the bus is for Awka. What did you expect from a man who has been charmed by a hypnotizing beauty.

Sitting down beside her, I’m totally a different person; I’m really in a lethargic state, thinking how to make a move at this imposing young girl. Every other man in that bus must be cursing me for grabbing this opportunity instead of them; but then I’m cursing myself for having no money in my pocket to foot this girl’s bill in case she agrees to be my lover. Taking off her glasses; “Please.” She said looking intently into my eyes. “Are you a student of UNIZIK?” Her deep serene grey eyes like that of a dove shine. “Oh my goodness, she’s going to my school and she needs my help.” My heart leaps with joy, I wanted to guffaw; this means getting her won’t be a hard nut to crack. Thanks to my appearance, I look dapper, and irresistible. “I’m a lecturer.” My heart is pushing me to lie to her. “Yes, I’m a student of the school.” I blurted out. What next will I say? I’m pensive. I become quiet, waiting for another question from her. This time, all eyes are on us conversing. I’m sure some guys in the bus would have sent a god of thunder to strike me dead if it were possible; I’ve taken over this epitome of beauty.

Before I knew what’s happening, we’ve reached our destination – UNIZIK Junction. The first to jump down from the bus like a squirrel was I, standing like a statute waiting for her to come down. Though already late for lectures, I don’t care waiting for her for eternity, even if it means missing out all the lectures for that day. We walk to the next bus stand and board another bus, to get inside the school. Again all eyes are on us, the guys, wishing they were me. “This is where you’re going, ‘Utility Building.” I said, pointing at the building adjacent to us. Again her contagious smile makes me to consider following her into the building. “Thank you.” She said, waving at me. “I can still help you, I’ve no lectures today.” I lied, following her like a moron. After one hour and half, she’s through with her enquiries at the admission office. “Please, can I have your number?” I stutter, waiting for a ‘no’ answer. “Why not.” She said. No second to waste, I brought out my phone and pick her digits dialing her number immediately for her to have mine, too. She smiles “goodbye.” She said. “Oh my god.” Looking at my wristwatch, I’ve missed two lectures already, but I don’t care.

Returning to my room after the last lecture around six o’clock, she’s the first person I want to call, at least to start where I stopped, and finish the unfinished business. To my deepest surprise, I couldn’t find her number in my phone again. I search everywhere in my cell phone from contacts to dialed number, to received and missed call, yet I couldn’t find her number. My world came crashing; I’ve never been confused this way before. It still nonpluses me how and what happened about her number. “I’m sure I saved this number.” I kept muttering to myself, lying like a cadaver on my mattress. My phone is beside me, but I feel it’s useless to me. Memories of her face keep lingering in my confused mind and her voice reverberating in my head. “Go back to the admission office and search for her folder.” My mind is telling me, till I hopelessly dozed off. “Grinn! grinn!” My phone is beside me ringing, stretching out toward the stool beside the bed, I grab the phone unenthusiastically. “Oh my God! Five missed calls, I shouted.” The number is hidden, that means I won’t call back. I lie back on the bed, lugubriously waiting the hands of fate. “Breeeeee!” I didn’t wait for the phone to ring out; I quickly picked it as it vibrates. “Good evening.” That angelic voice said. “Good morning.” I stupidly replied. “Is that Adaugo?” I put my ears on the ground waiting for a reply, which took her seconds to. “Yes.” She said softly. “Miracles do happen.” My heart smiled. “How was your day?” We went on and on talking. “Good night, I love you.” She said. “Eh?” I pretended I didn’t hear her well. “I said I love you.” This time she’s louder and bolder. Before I could say I love you too, she’s dropped the call. That night, it was like a movie script written. I kept rehearsing those words “I love you.” Till I dozed off again. My pillow, my mattress, all suffered a lot, I attacked them thinking I was with Adaugo. “God please forgive my sins.” I quickly said my morning prayers seeing what sins I’ve committed all through the night. Continues ........ Shot in the Heart


Anambra, Nigeria
  • A romantic story captivating and suspenseful, replete with real life lessons.

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