I state this so Yu know I MISS Yu
23rd June, 2015 Writers
Passing through the night to day 
And I am here to say 
With no further delay 
This saying I have to relay
Is that I miss yu.

I want to stand behind yu on the queue
Sit beside yu on the pew 
Learn to swim with yu in the pool 
Follow yu where  yu go amidst the few
Maybe act the fool as we fill the spool 
Run and jog with yu in the dew 
But yu are not here and I miss yu.

Strange as it sounds 
Time does its rounds 
'Cause I need yu to undo the bounds
Of the strings that astound
Yet yu are not here and I miss Yu.

Now I go to no places
As yu are not here to push me through my paces
Or help me with my laces
All cause yu are not here, I state this
So yu know I miss yu.

Yu always had the right timing 
Even through the murmuring yu gave more
Yu kept filing and piling, thus kept me smiling
Through the hurdles of different statures
But now, that bright face which was lit is dwindling
As yu aint here, I am no longer sure
As I sure miss yu.

As yu are yonder I cannot see yu even with an eye
So I wonder as thunders roar, why yu, I miss 
Even as energy runs down, I still think and miss yu.
Yes, yu are yonder 
Yet on roaring thunders, I wonder
Now energy has run down and out 
Still with what is left, on this route 
And for all it is worth 
Know I MISS Yu!!!
Lagos, Nigeria
  • There is always that one person we want close, and when that person is not around, we find such persons in our every thoughts, in our favorite songs, our best places, even in our ART [ACTS].

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