Fathers Day
24th June, 2015 Writers
Dear Dad,

Yes, we've had our share of differences, with 

different opinions and decisions

Yes, we grew up differently under different 

circumstances and conditions

Yes we have our share of mistakes but no 


But yes, we also have our own share of 

laughter and fun when we sit and talk

about Alexis sanchez and Arsene Wenger or 

those journeys with just you and I on

Wheels with 140/150km per hour and we 

talking listening to random songs and


Deep sigh!!! Yes we can't talk about today 

without talking about mum, it's

Obvious we both miss her but I would be 

ungrateful if I ignore your role as a

Dad and yet a Mum.

No one teaches me better with their life than 

you do/have.

No one teaches me about love and it's power 

like you do.

No one teaches me how to treat a lady like 

you do.

No one shows me how to love God like you do 

and on this note I want to say

Thank you Dad, I love and miss you. See you 


Happy Fathers Day.

Happy prospective fathers Day.


Lagos, Nigeria
  • Dedicated to my Dad

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