The Earthly Sayings
26th June, 2015 Writers

To those who seek wisdom, question things.

To those who value perfection, accept tolerance.

To those who want happiness, be true to your instincts.

And to those who want  freedom, accept no boundaries.

To those who wonder explore the mysteries,

To those who are creative be wild

for there is no better place that our hearts are true than in our minds

To our hearts be true to us,

never lead us astray or bring doubt our way

for it is in trust our God made us, and it is in till we believe in him

For those who think be open minded,

never  be judgemental and shy away from other opinions,

they are receipes to a better meal and a brighter future. 

Intelligence is for those of imagination,

who sees the beyound in its rainbow colours, 

love deeply and cherish each moment

never regret and live in curosity always

like a little child whose love for new things is beyound measure

for  these moments  are hours that will linger in our memories when time past

and become storytales in the moonlight.

Above all, wish for nothing else in life than to be happy,

that to succeed for yourself and not for others,

it is a diffcult world we live in but happiness is not impossible,

Always remember,

Never forget

Creativity flows in you,

Creativity is you.

Lagos, Nigeria
  • A short poem on wisdom, love and life.

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