Thank you Lord
29th June, 2015 Writers
       Thank you Lord

You watched over me
You provided for me
At night you covered me
In frightful areas I see you
Wen am sick I seek you
Wen am betrayed I meet you
Lord I say thanks to you

Ooh, I remember I was ill
I believe it was your will
As I do a bible drill
I see your power in me
You helped to come`re me
Lord this surprises me
Lord I say thanks to you

Lord you pay my fees
I have plenty like trees
Praying you I'll never cease
I have a lot of hope in you
And as I come to you
I want 2b helped only  by you
Lord I say thanks to you.

(Poems by Brian mulei)
Nairobi, Kenya
  • It's all about God's power.

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