Smokey Evening Makeup
30th June, 2015 Makeup Artists

If you are planning on wearing evening makeup, you already know that bold and sexy is the way to go.

While natural makeup is great for everyday looks, sometimes it needs a little flirt and attraction. Thats where the night makeup style comes into play.

The foundation you wear should be the least of your concerns for a fun night out.

As long as it covers the blemishes and even out skin tone, you should not have an issue. Be careful about using just liquid base in case you plan on going dancing.

The sweat could make that makeup drip over time. Use some subtle powder that will not weigh you down, and then focus on other areas to put makeup on.

Your eyes are going to be the features that count for your evening look. Dark eye makeup tends to be a popular choice for people going out just because of its association with sexiness.

You can use black, dark gray, maroon, dark brown, or something similar to give your eyes a smoky look to them.

Just be sure that you use some eye liner as well so that your eyes have the best pop possible.

One of the best dramatic eye makeup tips to learn involves putting the darkest shade of shadow you want to wear in the crease of your eyelid.

Then cover the rest with a lighter shade and add a highlighter under the brow line for contrast.

Do not go too overboard with your blush, but don’t be afraid to use some of it either.

The best makeup advice to consider here is to apply the brush from the outside of the cheekbones in so that the bulk of the color does not end up in the center of your face.

Some bronzers may do well in place of the blush in some evening makeup situations.

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