Thanks my love
1st July, 2015 Writers
Thanks for your love.

Yes, ppo  came in my life
Some really blessed me
Others only said thanks
You know others hurt me
Few care about me
But I'm glad you're in my life

I vividly recall
How I managed to call
You in my life
And you didn't hesitate
To respond coz u really care
About me so much

I love the way you smile
Everyday we walk a mile
You always wash my heart
With love and affection
You cover me with your hat
I'll give all you the attention

You always cling on me
I feel loved and cared for
I love all wat you do to me 
 You wake up to kiss at four
I feel the love u have for me
I'll give  all you the attention

Wen I am dull you kiss 
Wen I am lonely you come
Wen I am hungry u cook
Wen I am angry you calm
Wen I am wrong you correct
Wen I am hated you love

I'll forever love you
I'll forever be with you
I'll forever lie on your breasts
I'll forever hide on your heart
I'll forever care for u honey
I'll forever be your man.

Thanks for coming
In my life for I was lonely
And I needed just you honey
I cant wait to marry you
I cant to say yes I do
I'll give all you the attention

(Poems by Brian mulei)
Nairobi, Kenya
  • Thanks for coming into my life.

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