what do you love most
7th July, 2015 Writers
What do you like most

Is it my heart you love?
Is it my chest you cherish?
Is it my smile that turns you?
Is it my face that you like?
Is it my dressing that u adore
Is it my character that u like?

I am just ordinary
I have no machinery
I can't be extraordinary
I have no good commentary
I am probably in nursery
I am no a legendary

You came in my life
To get you I did strife
You caressed my life
Your heart has no a knife
To bruise badly my life
And I'll make you my wife

You introduced me to love
I introduced to true love
I opened wide my heart
You gave me your  heart
I have built a love hut
Where I ve hidden your heart

I love your beauty
I make it always my duty
To put on your face a smile
You walk with in every mile
I cherish your touches
When ur hairs make brushes

But, I don't know really
What to you is more lovely
What's good my sweetheart?
How I wish I knew it
I would improve more
In your soul I'd all pour.

I will walk with you
I will be by your side always
I will love only you
I will protect you always
I will give all my heart to you
I will make you happy always

     (Poems by Bryan mulei).
Nairobi, Kenya
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