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Why did you go for a swim?” I asked Chinonso. He stared at me with his beautiful brown eyes and answered my question with a smile. “Not now CN. I need you to talk not answer my questions with a smile.” I replied. “I have not heard you speak for a week now. I need to hear you speak.”  Still he continued to smile, his beautiful boyish smile that is totally at odds with his 6ft 4, rugby-player like build. So I walked to him and did what I always do when I needed him to talk. I wrapped my arms around his waist and I stayed there. This always gets CN out of his solemn and smiling moods. Slowly he wrapped his arms around me. I smiled and whispered in my mind, he is breaking.

As we stood entwined I started to hum our song- Eminem love the way you lie. It’s a strange song to be a lover’s song, but CN and I, that’s how we roll -two weird birds in love. As I hummed, he started to speak.  I went to swim because …

I interrupted him. “From the beginning Chinonso, start from the beginning.” He did.

I travelled to Enugu to see my folks.  I haven’t been home for over a year now and besides I had to go tell them that I found her. “

“Found who?” I asked.

“Found the girl I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. “

With a smile I asked, “how did you meet her? “

We met at a store. I went in to shop as I normally do on Saturdays. I always buy a pack of skittles after I shop- It’s my Saturday indulgence. After shopping this Saturday I went to the candy stand and I found this pretty girl reaching for the last pack of skittles.  Without thinking I blurted “please don’t take the skittles. I buy one every Saturday and that’s the last one.”

She smiled and said to me. “Have you ever tried them with popcorn?”  I answered in the negative.  “Today you will.” We shared skittles and popcorn sitting on boot of my car and we fell in love.

After one year of loving her I wanted her as my wife. So, I went home to tell my parents that I had found her. I took the last flight on Friday from Lagos to Enugu. By 10 pm I was home and telling my mum all about her while greedily swallowing morsels of fufu and oha soup- my mum is a goddess in the kitchen.  My mum smiled as she listened. My mum smiles when she approves.

I called "sweet tooth". I call her sweet tooth because she consumes an incredible amount of sweet things, so her lips always taste sweet when I kiss her. “I know you will ask me why I call her sweet tooth” he said and kissed my forehead.

“Continue” I said.

I gave her progress report and slept off. The next morning I decide to take a stroll around, I found myself walking my favourite path as a kid. This path leads to the river. As I approached the river, I felt a strong wave of nostalgia. I wished that sweet tooth was here with me. I sat by the bank and I called her. We talked for a long time. When we talk, I lost track of time. Sometimes, I am wrapped in the cocoon of our conversations that I not aware of my surroundings.  This day by the river I didn’t see the three kids go for a swim. If I had, would I have stopped them? I don’t think so, because I used to swim at their age and it was safe.

The piercing scream of young boys broke my haze. A skinny, dark skinny young boy pulled my legs.

“Uncle nyerem-aka” he kept screaming.

I placed my hand over the speaker and said to the young man “Oginni?

“Mmiri, Gozie no na mmiri,” he said.

So I said to sweet tooth “I am going for a swim. I will talk to you later”. I dropped my phone, took off my shirt and rushed into the river.  That’s the last thing I remember.

Now I come to your bedroom when you cry. Sometimes I hear you cry and I can’t come.  You should stop crying.

I smiled and said to him “the frequency of my tears has reduced; you will have to wait till they stop completely”.

“I don’t want them to stop”, he said. “I Know” I said.  We continued to stand entwined while I hummed.  I will eventually fall asleep and he will be gone.  I try to stay awake as long as I can.


  • Is love the most powerful force? And if it is, is it stronger than death? If love never dies, what happens when our beloved dies? Maybe love can slip through the grip death.

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