1st July, 2015 Writers
Have I known experience 
The trade of slaves
I stay in silence
I honor their graves

A wreathe in place
Hardened my jaws
I stood on their feces
Which made the floor

Walls I touched,with freedom
Kept them trapped,from their kingdoms
Elmina the beautiful castle
Ruled by whips and whistles

Fear is a demon
In human form
Locked in dungeons 
Bound by iron

With blood and grit
They grind their teeth
They sang,songs
They stood,strong

Out of rapes,mixed races
Pain,seen through vein laces
By the coast,blood line traces
A new face,a new race

The wicked,thus limp
Shipped in crimp
Cast into the sea
The dead don't swim

They became feed
For fish and shrimp
Did God,did see
As they prayed for him

For home they seek
They remained meek
Kept their souls,stories became myth
They can never be untold

Trust and obey
Amazing grace
Their faith in God
Their final resting place.
Lagos, Nigeria
  • This poem,was inspired by my visit to slave castles in Ghana,I was so deep with the preservation of their history,and how powerful their stories were.i felt every sense of what had happend,what is happening and what is to happen.i thought about the slaves

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