1st July, 2015 Writers
God's umbrellas,shades me from the sun
The trees have laid roots to rest
Home for the birds
Monkeys on their beds

If I could live as long as trees
Bury my roots in the dirt
Feel the orbit of the earth 
The growth of their depth

Fruits drop,I remember the old
I wonder,our ancestors
To whom rain was prayed
To whom gifts was praised 

What was granted by their gods
Termites hills like worship grounds
Ants hills like offering stands
Dancing butterflies by flowers branch

Clear water rushes,down the stream
It was here virgins did bath
Also the unclean
By the bushes,by the brim

Rusted leaves,hide ants trails
Their fury bites
I was derailed,off the path
Animals did create 

Deep in the forest
Gorillas screams echoes 
Elephant trunks trumpets
To remind us,they came here first

Amazed by beauty
The evergreen 
The velvet lush
I feel God blush.
Lagos, Nigeria
  • This poem,was inspired when I was on excursion at the akamkpa rainforest in calabar.Nigeria.it was like a natural haven,undisturbed in all it lush greenery.nature is fresh

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