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‘when i read about the21 year old boston marathon bomber being sentenced to death by lethal injection ,at first i was elated that at last there goes justice on a man who orchestrated the death of three people and injuries on scores of people, some of which they would never recover from ‘

Those were the thoughts echoing in my head , then i thought every man deserves a second chance even a third and multiple more , life itself ,its consciousness ,its development ,its formation ,its origin and many more things we would probably never be able to explain as to the existence of life goes a long way, why a man or a group of 12 men sitting will decide the fate of another man .             

Irrespective of any crime a man has committed, it should be seen as the collective responsibility of the society of failing such a man and if we decide to sniff life out from such a person because of how we failed such a being would it not amount to us failing our selves.

Mans existence on this planet is not by accident it is a carefully planned out scheme by a being whom most of us call (God) and if this being truly does exist wouldn’t he/she account for his/her creation and as a result of this it is not in our power to decide who goes out of existence because of the failure of the society from check mating the excesses of the said person.

In essence if someone can be radicalised into believing that some people have to be killed to make a better world , wouldn’t it be more effective if such a person is also re-oriented on reasons why people shouldn’t be killed , for me i consider the human brain to be a super computer which can absorb and expunge information based on the usefulness and importance of the said information  and as such any one guilty of taking another man’s life can be re-programmed into being useful to the society even if such a person will have to be kept in the prison for the rest of his life.

  • It is a short article intended to evaluate the moral basis of death sentence.

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