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    Kissed me before you broke my heart; told me I could fly before you shattered my wings, you thirsty? That was           you asking before you polluted my well and my lady you should have taken my soul before you killed me!...


    In the dark corner of my heart, lies a portrait of you. Caressed the canvass till I thought the paint was you. Applied     too much bright yellow for that’s the only way I want to remember you.


  ”Boy! to the market’’ mama said. On the temple stairs the little girl sat. Her long black hair I shall not forget. When      she waved I thought I saw the trees do the same, and her smile I held dear till the day we met again.


   All sense went to waste, for she, my love is here to stay. Holy Father kindly read the vows in haste. In the crowd        are my proud kinsmen for I have chosen a girl known to be chaste.


   Our union blossomed with love. Soon my lady would put to bed. For some the thought of fatherhood brings the joy in    them, but I, to see the brown eyes or the witty smile of my love on my baby’s would be divine.


   The day came. I couldn’t bear to hear her cries. I paced around the mid-wife’s door. I knelt and prayed for the            mercy of God. To my relief I heard a baby cry and to my surprise, the mid-wife announced that they were two.


   As i held her hands in gratitude, a maid came out of the room to whisper to her ear. They both hurried back into the    room left me to breathe with no air. And there came the mid-wife with a sad face to tell me my nightmare to bear.


   Insanity is too expensive for all to own. But wouldn’t that be my case, for a father who can’t look his babies in the        eye. They have the eyes of their mother which he thought was divine and their smiles; a reminder of yester years.

   They came in twos and sometimes I do not count. I looked away when words rolled out of their mouth. For their          eyes told the pain I can’t accept. Thus I’ve created a world till its eternity you shall breathe.





Lagos, Nigeria
  • A state of denial.

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