Ode to Dubie
2nd July, 2015 Writers

One of my very own indeed

Bone from my many bones beneath

That came my way with much tenderness

And made away in such slenderness!


Shone like the greater stars untold

Grown by a Maker's heart of gold

Graced all stages in a kind humility

Faced tall rages with the right ability.


Two decades and more sojourned

Brute blockades and blur burgeoned

Smiles across faces, the light clearly seen

Trials and rough phases, a fright merely dim.


History's sands sting your very feet

Victory bands sing your every feat

Live forth and never think twice

Weave forward than ever shrink size!






Love Now and Always.



© 2015




  • Special poetic tribute to my immediate younger sister, who passed away on March 16, 2015. Rest in Perfect Peace.

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