That Long Old Saying
2nd July, 2015 Writers

I know of a long-old’s easily said but hardly ever done!

I know of an old man
He once was full of life
They said he once had a beautiful wife
He drove the nicest cars
He could stay on the phone for hours
They said it's 'cos he had so many friends
But it’s funny how those things all came to an end
I see him now, begging on the streets
He watches the cars pass him by daily
Trendy suits, windows up, sitting at the owner’s corner
They never pay him mind
He smiles with tears in his eyes
He sees himself in them
He never helped anyone and he particularly laughed at old poor people
He wondered what they did with their youth and called them lazy
He told himself he was working hard and had enough to take care of his old self
But somehow, life out-smarted him, he no longer felt so witty
All he could do was drown in self-pity.
I know of a sad married woman
They said she used to be a fair lady
Very fair, Very beautiful
Many men admired her, other ladies envied her
She was first to buy the most expensive car
She could stay on the phone for hours
They say she only spoke to married men whose relationships had gone sour
They pampered her and gave her the nicest things money could buy
She was too pretty, she didn’t even have to try
Now her beloved husband has a name on the streets
I particularly like them young, he says to the girls on the streets
He pays his wife no mind
She's young but somehow she looks old
Wrinkles for the sadness and spots for the tears
She looks at her husband's mistresses
She smiles with tears in her eyes
She sees herself in them
She couldn't help but wonder how many women she made sad back then
Now she sleeps in the mansion she built in pity's den.
I know of a lady, she goes by the name Karma
I hear she's very well despised and hated
She has a name on the streets that sounds so much like the beach
But unlike the beach, she is not cool
She brings on the heat and I hear she multiplies it by a hundred
I met her once, we had a heartfelt conversation
She didn’t seem so bad to me
She said she came to deliver a box of chocolates to me
She said she saw me give a little boy a piece, so I get a box
I asked her why everyone thought she was such a wicked fox
She smiled and told me one simple line I always knew and will never forget
She took me back to the beginning and she said
I know of a long-old saying…it’s easily said but hardly ever done!
It says "treat others the way you want to be treated".
Abuja, Nigeria
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