2nd July, 2015 Writers

You put on this mask when you go out every morning,

You look happy, or at least you pretend to,

With fake smiles and forced laughters,

You even go to the extent of spiting others to make yourself feel better,

You humiliate and bring others down to lift yourself up,

You fill up spaces in other people's lives but the vaccum in your heart no one can feel,

You can laugh and smile all you want all day long, but behind that mask, you know yourself;

Those things you hate about yourself but you cannot change,

Those things you admire in others but you cannot have,

It makes you soak your pillow every night before you sleep,

Day by day, you drown more and more in your misery,

Renewing your masks in different shades so you don't get caught;

But little do you know that you can only run but you can't hide;

You can only fake personality but you can't forge character;

You can only pretend to others but you can't deceive your own self;

Those insecurities you battle with at the corner of your heart;

Those weaknesses you are struggling with that want to tear you apart;

Those addictions that you can't seem to detach from;

But permit me to whisper these words into your ear : "You are not alone"

We all have those monsters we are struggling with within us;

Only in varied intensity and frequency;

We all want to be that perfect little boy or girl;

With no worries or fears just laughter and happiness;

We all want our lives to be lit up with beautiful colors and not be all shades of grey;

But if everything were so perfect, then the essence of life is lost;

The true purpose of life will be misplaced;

Bcos it is these imperfections we bear that give us experiences;

And it is the experiences we face that expose us to reality;

And it is the reality we encounter that later defines our very existence;

Who we are, what we represent, where we stand...

And who we are,what we represent, where we stand...is life itself;

So don't waste your time living under shadows or legacies laid down by others;

Because there are people who have done it before and there are people who can do it better than you;

Make your own history and build your name;

Take off your mask and be your own kind of beautiful;

You may not be perfect but be the best version of you, yourself;

You are elastic; expand yourself to the maximum reach;

You are like a palmtree, they can only bend you but they can't break you;

So you can accept this reality now or keep running in circles;

But as a friend, I would tell you :

" Game time is up"

Unmask yourself and let God make you truly happy as you pretend to be.

Lagos, Nigeria
  • Unveil is a write-up i composed from my daily experiences with people and it is targeted at all those battling with one insecurity or another...see more at purplenigma97.blogspot.com

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