KR's Conglomerate
2nd July, 2015 Events Planners
We cover your events,design your homes/offices/shops/bars/lounges like you've never imagined.
Event Mgt - All you need do is hire us and we take care of every facets needed in your event,thereby easing you of the time and energy

Interior Decor - Just got a home,office space,shop,bar/lounge? Hire us for its creative world class beatification and you won't have thought of any better option

Photography - What better way to make your planning easier than to have us cover your imagery in any format you would want it

Writers - Do you have a story to sell and inspire the world either in articles or songs but not the time to pen it down? Do you also need the employ of good and attractive hand writers to handle your documents/paper works? We provide the services of brilliant,creative and well constructed articles to suit your imaginary concepts and bring them to reality.
All you need do is give us a try.
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For further info reach : 07036428483,08033698028
  • Its providing an atmosphere of helping you live a legacy as a lifestyle by having your major event,home decor and innate desire met all at once,easing u off the stress of doing it yourself.

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