2nd July, 2015 Writers

If you are there,

listen to me,

care for me,

make me feel loved,

touch me,

pleasure me,

stay with me,

adore me,

trust me,

for i have trusted you,

i hold your words dearly,

like a stamp they are to my heart,

look at me,

for my eyes hasn't gotten familiar with your face,

they curse me, spat on my face,

but my heart continues to linger for your touch,

now i am frightened,

i am scared,

save me.

But if you are not,

dont make your name the most precious to me,

dont give me hope to live,

dont make promises that cant be rendered.

dont be loving,

dont let your touch linger enternally,

dont be caring,

dont care!

you are my everything,

the soul of my life,

my heart,

my mind,

my eyes,

my skin,

my lips,

my tongue,

my ears,

my mind.

the shinings in the morning,

the whispers in the night.

i will be all to you

as you claim you are to me.

i have been faithful,

i have been true,

i have been pure,

i have never judged,

i have been there,

i have been here,

dont fail me,

dont betray me,

dont mock me,

dont fail my heart,

dont let me doubt your name.




Lagos, Nigeria
  • A monologue poem centered on love, hope, trust and prayer to an unknown lover.

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