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Push,Push, inhale and exhale while at it, said Doctor Funsho at Muminat Medical, Kupuo on that hot afternoon in October 16, 1979. The baby Adetutu came out cackling and smiling. She had spent 10 months in the womb. There was no complication, she just decided not to come out at the 9th month.
Adetutu's father became a very wealthy clothes merchant two years after she was born, buying a very nice 3 bedroom duplex 2 years after she was born in Kupuo, Democratic Republic of Zanta.
Unbeknownst to Tolulope- adetutu's mother, Tj her husband was involved in money laundering with one of the special assistants to a farmer turned president of the country. The president of Zanta was unaware of his assistant's dealing. This dealings occur when Tj pays his partners in swiss for the clothes sent in iron clad containers.
This went on for 5years until Tj felt he had amassed enough wealth to relocate his family to Kellan. 
Kellan is one of the developed countries in the world.
Meanwhile, few days before their departure date in September 1985, a convicted renowned dictator in the neighboring country-Laytoc escaped from jail with four othe inmates. This dictator was arrested earlier in the year in Laytoc for several decade long human crimes.
While waiting for the announcer to mention their flight, Tolulope excitedly told Tj that she was expecting a baby. Tj picked her tiny frame up right there in the private departure lounge in front of smiling passengers and wet her face with kisses and tears. It was mixed feelings for him.
To Tolulope this was tears of joy,but Tj knew the real reason for his tears. 
Tj had been contacted just an hour before then of some arrangements made and reluctantly agreed by him and the special assistant to the farmer turned president of DR of Zanta.
The assistant informed Tj that the renowned former dictator who escaped from Laytoc will be meeting up with them once they arrived Kellan. This former dictator had been hiding in the airport's female toilet vents since he escaped and arrived Kellan dressed like a woman with hairy chest.
Tj was also informed that on arrival he must use the burn phone given to him to call the only number on it. Thereafter, the dictator will meet up with them and they are to go home together. Tj was to give Adetutu to her(dictator) to hold. This is to make people believe the grandma picked them up at the airport.
However, plans was already in place for the convict to meet up with his brother in law at Tj's newly bought beach house close to sakimona beach in Kellan. He was to change his clothes, relax for 3 days before leaving in Tj's newly acquired boat.
Tj had just boat the boat and beach house a year before then. The assistant's estate agency for the coded elite helped in acquiring the assets for Tj. The money was Tj's part payment for the second to the last money laundering he helped him with early in 1984.
Tj's mind was filled with thoughts of how to tell Tolulope that an older "woman" will be meeting them in Kellan. How will he explain why the "woman" should hold adetutu's hand till they leave the arrival terminal and into the car. 
How will he explain to her that someone will be waiting for them in the beach house and why they will have to buy another boat.
Meanwhile, Tolulope had thoughts of her own. Tolulope though in her mind of how she was going to miss the warm embrace and deep thrusts of her laundry man Micha, his strong arms and loving bites on the nape of her neck. She shuddered at the sudden feeling she had on her lower part while remembering the feeling and his everyday body aura like a hot bottles of clothes conditioner.
Tolu loves Tj but despises the way spittle forms on the corners of his mouth when he talks.
She makes a grunt and shrugged while thinking - Life itself isn't fair.

  • A short story on the travails of a young entrepreneur,his dealings and his wife.

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