2nd July, 2015 Writers
If I try to make sense of wordless worlds
I sink deeper the search of empty minds
I dig under the buried ruins of meanings
Trapped in hundreds of unwanted findings
Captured in the subconscious of my wilderness 
Confronted by unidentified knowledge 
What if not ?
I am chased by cursed hope and sworn faith 

Caught in a twist of unforgettable phrase
A leap in rejoice condolence
A reject of no galaxy
A no captive prisoner
Thrown by difficulty
Drowned by simplicity
If not I am choked ?
Speak 'I may unfounded reasons'
Swallow 'I must unassured scriptures'
For I know not what the world will give
In a series of unforgivable menace
But I dare wander...
Lagos, Nigeria
  • As a philosopher,I ask a lot of questions,they say the universe has answers,but we do not know the reply.This was written on the purpose of questions and wonder

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