6th April, 2015 Writers
Its like a burning charcoal in a fiery FURNACE
Searing through my mind and bodly written on my FACE
And to the supreme being humbly present my CASE
Yet with dodged determination I try to run my RACE

But even at that believe me things aint ROSSY
People look at us now and say we aint CLASSY
Unlike some of our mates whose lifes have been very GLOSSY
But by faith we know things won't remain so ROCKY

The quest for success to me is like a hard JOURNEY
So tedious like searching the rocks for some HONEY
Be sure to meet some people on your way so CUNNY
But brother please enjoy the ride cos its FUNNY

Girls look at us now and say we aint worth IT
Cos we can't even afford a drink so they could SIP IT
Don't even talk about sex cos they've ZIPPED IT
Just bcos they think we aint rich enough to UNZIP IT

My quest for success overtime has given me some KNOWLEDGE
That you aint gonna be successful just bcos you went to COLLEGE
And that you can be a success even though you'r just a WAITRESS
My brother all you,ve got  to do is increase your QUEST FOR SUCCESS!

Lagos, Nigeria
  • A poem written to show what it takes to be a success!the travails of a struggling man

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