12th July, 2015 Writers
Painted pictures with blurred outcome,  toss it away for the tears seems to be the only color left. What left its line and ventured into another. Fading into my thoughts and all I feel is sadness. The days come and go and the feelings hurt more. I long to hold you in my arms so tight that I'll never let go. Wishing to be with you forever, I hope you know that. But then it feels like I'm the only one craving for all this. Only if you knew how all my days seem filled with dreams of you. Even in the silent of the nights your eyes whispers those unheard words. How you alone make my world a beautiful place. This hurt only spoken with eyes of pain. I'm fading from reality drowning in hurt, thinking about how awful this is. This season I thought would be the reason for the growth of our love has left me with days and nights of tears. I loved the love I had for you but you took away the spark leaving me faded.
  • A poem centred around a girl pouring out her feelings, how hurt she is as a result of her love for someone. Words are used to paint a picture of what she's going through.

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