A Friend's Betrayal
9th September, 2015 Writers
What is the price for gratitude? Kemi wondered as she cried profusely in her room. What is the cost of friendship? She asked herself repeatedly as the reality of what was happening dawned on her. Shade had betrayed her. Shade, her best friend has stabbed her in the back while she had foolishly trusted her. Shade who she loved as a sister, Shade who had been there for her through tough times had broken her. Kemi and Shade had been best friends from their first year studying accounting in the University. 
       Kemi was tall, slender and dark with a shy, gentle and sweet disposition. Shade was short, curvy and fair with a bubbly and outspoken personality. Kemi came from a more humble background, her father was a local carpenter and her mother was a petty trader. Shade came from a very wealthy home, her father was a business tycoon and her mother was a successful lawyer. Both girls bonded as though they were sisters irrespective of their family backgrounds and opposite personalities. Shade did so much for Kemi while they were in school. She asked Kemi to move in with her when Kemi had accommodation problems in their second year, She bought textbooks and handouts for both of them because Kemi always had money problems. She practically fed, clothed and took care of  Kemi all through their third year in school. In their fourth year things got worse for Kemi's parents and Kemi almost dropped out of school but for Shade's timely intervention. Shade talked to her parents who had met Kemi by then and were taken with her. They insisted they would take care of all her educational needs and Kemi's parents could not thank Shade's parents enough. 
        Few months after that Kemi met Tony, a handsome final year medical student who was smitten with her. Tony pursued her relentlessly till she finally gave in and realized he was an amazing guy. She fell hopelessly in love with him and by the time he rounded up his final Medical School Examination they were already talking about plans for their future. Shade on the other hand seemed to have no problem jumping from one guy to the next. The two girls had completely different notions on love and sex. Shade constantly teased Kemi about her devotion to Tony while Kemi teased her about her disinterest in finding a meaningful relationship with a guy.
         So it completely rocked her world that hot afternoon when she returned to their apartment after classes unexpectedly instead of visiting her parents as she had planned, only to find Tony in bed with Shade. Everything stood still for Kemi as she took in the scenario. Tony scrambled out of the bed and struggled into his clothes refusing to look at her, Shade threw on an oversized t-shirt and stared at the ceiling, flushed with shame.
         "What's going on? What is this?" Kemi blinked back the tears already welling in her eyes. Tony still wouldn't look her in the face. "Tony! Shade! How could you do this? How long has this been going on?" She screamed at them. 
          "Kemi let me explain...it was a mistake. I came here to see you and...I swear it was a mistake" He pleaded trying to reach for her but she backed away. 
          "So everything was a lie. You were using me Tony" the tears started spilling and could no longer be stopped. " You've been lying to me all these while. All those promises that we were going to spend our lives together was all a lie" Kemi sobbed. 
          "Tony I think it's time you leave. Go home." Shade spoke up for the first time, Tony immediately rushed off. Kemi wanted to call him back but she felt she had nothing more to say to him at the moment. She turned to Shade who now sat calmly on the bed. 
          "I know you're hurt Kemi. I didn't do this to hurt you, I swear I never wanted this to go this far. It started out as a harmless flirtation whenever you weren't looking and then one day I was looking for a rebound hook up and he came looking for you and it just happened. We just couldn't stop after the first time, I'm so sorry Kemi." Shade confessed. Kemi just stood there quietly sobbing. "Kemi please say something" Shade pleaded.
                   To be continued....

Abuja, Nigeria
  • A story about friendship, Is a friend in need always a friend indeed?

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