Ship jumpers
2nd July, 2015 Writers
Welcome to the theatre of back and forth.
A slinging play of approbates,reprobates and complicits,
Schauspielers skeined on the hot and cold business.
A political oeuvre for the spectators.

In this politricking muse.
Integrity is no right of passage.
Rather banners make succesive hoist
For the right bag of lucre.

Do not blame the umbrella or the broom,
If it fails to sweep or shield.
Ambitiously enraged progressives cannot but postulate their solitary ideals.

Diatribes love the bland stage only to vamp,
wrestling power with voices of dissent,reversing gains on a counter offensive,
well scripted by the devil from the enemy's camp.

These surly hawks with damaged claws
are not tired of preying,not yet,
hovering across their backward-principled skies with discontentment.

Restiveness is the denouement,
the burdened audience is left in a clueless flap.
                         - Fortune Omosola.

Lagos, Nigeria
  • A poetry that slings out the unstable nature of Nigerian politicians who only ply their trade for self-aggrandizement

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