His addiction
3rd July, 2015 Writers
He asked, I refused
With no idea of the journey
Why should I follow
Not withstanding, He stayed back
With days of not knowing what to do, He was my wisdom
At cold nights, He kept me warm
No matter how hard I fell, He was always there to pick me up
I would grumble,  He would smile
I would complain, He would ignore
He would ask for a walk, I would refuse
Nothing I did stopped His love
I would run away, He would come looking for me
The harder I pushed the closer He came
'I am damaged' I said, He replied, 'I will fix you'
Why won't you just leave me alone?
'Because I love you' He said
I don't deserve it
You don't know me
Broken, damaged,  rejected, abandoned
Troubled, confused and lost 
Negative,  fearful and proud
Pulling me close, with a whisper ' I know all that'
I still love you.
He asked again, this time it was a yes
...it's been beautiful
  • ....It's been beautiful...

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