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There was a huge smile on Amaka's face as she exited Good Things private hospital. She couldn't wait to tell Tony the good news! She was absolutely sure he would buy her that latest Louis Vuitton bag she'd been eyeing online. Indecision warred inside her as she contemplated calling Mum but an inner voice cautioned against it. For now,  only Tony would know. As she made to enter her car, she heard a beep sound come from her bag. At first, she thought it was the maid calling to ask if she could go home so she ignored it. She had told Dorothy times without number that she was free to go home as long as she had completed her chores for the day and prepared lunch. There would only be a problem if she left a single thing undone. However, the continuous beeping sound meant it was probably someone trying to reach her urgently. She pulled her phone from her bag and flipped it open.
"Hello? Please who's on the line?"
There was a slight pause .
"Since when did you start answering the phone without checking the caller ID? That is a very stupid and careless thing to do." Tony's voice said angrily on the other end.
Amaka breathed in and out. Calm down, she instructed herself. Answer him gently. Even the Bible advises that.
"I'm sorry, honey. I was carried away by my excitement."
"Excitement about what? Where are you?", he asked gruffly. No, she couldn't tell him or he would figure it out. This was not how she had planned to break the news to him. Over the phone? How unromantic!
"I'm at Miriam's place  catching up on the week I missed while I was sick." She lied without thinking. Her heart beat in her chest wildly. Any moment, she expected him to call her out on her lie.
"Okay. I want you home now. Ten minutes top." And he ended the call. 
Amaka breathed a sigh of relief and frustration at the same time. Since when did she start having contradicting emotions? Since when did Tony turn into an angry and moody man? And why would he order home just like that? He hadn't even given her a chance to ask why before he ended the call. Maybe he was finally ready to talk and needed her. Yes, that was it. It was the only thing she would let herself believe. They were only eight months into their marriage and so far, things had been fine. Then suddenly, a week after their seventh month anniversary, he'd started acting strange. This week, she had hoped he would at least confide in her but all he seemed to do was transfer aggression. But she refused to be discouraged. If nothing made Tony feel better, the news about their children definitely would.

"Get ready to be surprised Tony." She whispered as she zoomed out of the hospital's car park.

Niger, Nigeria
  • Amaka has always believed she would find a man as perfect as her father and have a long lasting and love filled marriage like her parents'. However, as things begin to take unexpected turns, she wonders if she hasn't been delusional her entire l

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