3rd July, 2015 Writers
Dear Adam, 
I was not gotten from your arms to be used as a punch bag 
Not from your Legs to match on me
Not from your private part to be raped and molested 
Not from your mouth to tell your friends what you never did to me 
Not from your stomach to be chewed and thrown out 
Not from your muscles to intimidate me and feel all superior 
UHN! UHN! I wasn't 
But you know where I was gotten from? 
your ribs Adam, your ribs just so you care for me 
Under your arms to make me feel safe 
Close to your heart to make me feel loved 
Close to your lungs just so I could be your air 
Under your shoulders just so I could lean on you
And a little distance away from your head to always have me on your mind 
Hence man I deserve more than respect from you 
You know why? 
Because I am Eve, the one with the fruit 
With this apple I hold behind me I could bring you down 
With my beauty I could take you away from a garden you so much value 
And with my body I produce another you 
Guess who I am! 
I am a man, but this time.... twice more than a man Adam 
Call me WOman.
Lagos, Nigeria
  • Dear woman, If you ever find your man, send him this letter I sent Adam centuries ago Love,Eve.

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