Imperfections of a Real Man
3rd July, 2015 Writers
Perfection is but a journey
It is not a destination
Man is supposed to be a gladiator,a soldier, a warrior 
But do You forget about his "Achilles heel"
Even though I never saw tears in my Father's eyes
Now as a man I understand that deep down sometimes, even real men cry

I seldom reflect my sober emotions with tears
I put up a facade like "Everything is okay"
I stand like a pillar unshaken
"I am a real man" that's what I keep telling myself
But now I see the truth in my lies
I see the real picture in my disguise

Many atimes I am confused
Many atimes I am lost
Many atimes when I say "I am fine", it is far from the truth
And even when I tell, it is far from the roots

I feel a need to be perfect
I feel a need to ignore the bends,stand tall and erect!
Many atimes I open my mouth to speak,of words I am bereft
Many atimes I feel being right is all I have left

But alas! I have seen the light!
I have seen it is alright to let your pillow soak a few tears
I have seen it is alright to open your heart
I have seen it is alright not to have everything figured out
I have seen it is alright to be wrong sometimes

So I say, it doesn't matter the man I was
It doesn't matter the man I thought I was
The matter is the man I have become
If perfection was a choice I'll gladly choose the inverse
But I stand here and declare "I am a real man"
Accept me with the "imperfections of a real man"

                             Tom 'Busin
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