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Sheila woke up abruptly in the middle of the night with sweat running marathon down her face and clothes all soaked. She quickly ran to the window to know the source of that loud noise. What sheila saw calmed and confused her. Outside was still, nothing to see; just the croaks of adult frogs talking away in the nearby pond.
However, she was confused because she was very sure of hearing a loud bang. She quickly dashed at her pink Alcatel phone to check for messages. Nothing. She wanted to call her family but she couldn't as their bumbers were not stored in her pink phone. She had only one contact on her phone; the commander's line. She called the commander but it rang out.
In the morning, she stepped out to the front lawn to fire up the mower. Her neighbour that usually gossip with her was not there. She looked down the paved road of Elite Grandeur Private Estate and there was nobody outside, only Mr Wizdav's new porsche was staring at her.
What baffles her at this moment is : why is everywhere quiet? She dashed across the road to gossip mate jemima's duplex. The door was open.
"Hello" she bellowed.
"Is anyone home?" Jemima it's me Sheila.
Apparently she's in her garden, she thought. On getting to the backyard she saw Jemima in a pool of her own blood.
Sheila screamed and then rushed out calling for help. "Somebody help me' , "Somebody call 999". She rushed down the street knocking on doors. As she left Mr Wizdav's apartment, she noticed three hoes dug right on the bonnet of his porsche. She hesitated with confusion on her face. But then, she continued rushing down the street. Nobody was home.
Sheila's heart kept racing. "What us happening? "Am I dreaming?". She headed back to her house to try the commander's line again. 
The commander gave her new identity, new names, the works and moved her to Presh Creeks after testifying against her own father and brothers in a mob case in the city of Kans. After spending two months the commander moved her from the creeks to Elite Grandeur Private Estate. She was just beginning to feel safe again after six months.
Sheila made for the house with the thoughts of the past year including countless court appearances flashed through her mind. Her state of mind was everywhere. The commander should have called back, she thought. " Where is everybody in the estate"? Who killed Jemima? She was very weak from running to doorsteps and with all these thoughts in her mind.
As she got to her front lawn, a note was waiting for her on the lawn mower which was still running and dripping of blood on all sides. 
The note was written in blood red.
Sheila fainted

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