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At the top of his career as CEO of an advertising agency, record label, clothing line and line of silver wares; Chief Buchi Olatilewa Garba was the youngest in the game. The only problem he had was that his society shouldn't know that he was secretly a gay man. He was not a happy man deep inside. Few people in his close circuit knew but get confused atimes. This confusion comes about because he had a lot of female friends.
Olatilewa was also a prominent member of his religious affiliation coupled with the fact that he owned several NGOs in Africa and Europe.
The test however came for Buchi when he witnessed a group of teenagers harassing a gay guy. He was at his penthouse in Zenith Luxury Suites in Europe just looking down the street with his travel camera. This was after a long meeting with his business partners.
He cried to sleep that night thinking he will never be accepted by all. He thought of suicide but after taking three sticks of medical marijuana which was neatly rolled by his logistics assistant; he thought to himself, shrugged and concluded that people will always be different and differ in opinions no matter what.
Chief woke up with a ding dong on his door by his gay boyfriend Folly and lover of many years shouting about how long his flight was. Folly hates long flights.
He just kept smiling while Folly ranted. Life is good.
Love wins

  • Strokes of different patterns, some are rainbow colored,some are beige.

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