The road we missed
4th July, 2015 Writers
I liked her for reasons too many,
sadly,I love to only remember a few,
her soft,tender lips spread beneath her thin,pointed nose,
Her eyes fiercely warm and searching,
her proud countenance hidden by a shiny sugary chocolate.

I love the heave of her small,round and firm derriere that invited a primal pleasure.
A soft curve carried her ivory legs to the finest of toes,
I love her cleavage too,
exposed only for the right reasons.
I remember when she clung to me during the July rains,piercing my back with her small,black projections,
I whimpered,
When she lowered me in,herself against the wall,only the waves of our short breath left us gasping and giggling.

Day after day,her sentient remained calm and flushing,
when she flashed her smile, 
a recoiled,furnance of dentition glistened and blew me stiff.

Years passed,
We baited each other,
Oblivious to the realities of our loins,

Inside her persona,
a guiding,
histronic and eclectic tumour had began to form.

For the right reasons,our wrongs smashed against our faces,
I hated the bristles she brought closer,
her stoic glamour descending flat on my blatant remorse,
Now,she couldn't match my charm or engage the depths I fantasized,
Those secret admonitions i nursed on my missing rib.

Shadows we chased instead of sparks until the light went off and we bolted into a the same old labyrinth.
Lagos, Nigeria
  • A sultry poem that highlights the mistakes lovers make in the foggy,lustful search for love.

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