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We were two,
just two,
in the dark,
there was a lamp,
it was too distant.
Nothing seperated us,
but a bear,
a real teddy bear.
I felt fur on my face,
She had hit me,
with our teddy friend,
and before i knew it,
seperation was gone.
Her hands touched mine,
and like magic,
our palms clasped,
keepng her gentle fingers,
in the soft caress of mine.
We were close friends.
"Fresh air":
a synonym of the bond we shared; 
a  wonderful design 
by God Himself.
My hands still in hers,
my nails were fun to play with,
she asked me:
my answer sounded clean,
too smooth for her emotions,
I found my palms on her thigh,
her naked thigh.
A reaction kicked off,
this was chemistry,
my skin had a change in temperature,
my voice,
experienced a frequency disturbance,
and my legs,
could no longer jump a pole.
We kept talking,
kept laughing,
and then she held me,
on my hands.
she really cared,
my body was hot.
"not to worry, I'm fine",
but I had to repeat that,
times: a hundred less one.
my fingers travelled playfully,
on a lady's thigh,
they willed to wheel farther,
and I willed with them,
but something stopped me,
It was the cool voice within.
It rained out there,
a good weather for two,
and a flimpsy excuse,
for not fleeing,
"would I leave in the rain?"
I lied down,
she layed too,
beside me,
her best friend.
I sat up,
she sat up too,
and then she lay down once again,
I touched her shoulders,
and my playful fingers swayed down,
to the site,
above a sister's tummy,
I touched,
but still..
I didn't,
I couldn't !
Everywhere was still,
Compelling us to listen
to the cold breeze,
to the sound of the rain,
and to our hearts,
that seemed to beat in harmony.
I placed my hand on her tummy,
where her left hand was,
and I caressed it once again.
My fingers were too playful,
I wished that would be an excuse.
My mind went to and fro,
around the same point,
I really wanted to touch,
to pass bounds,
to feel free,
nothing else restrained me,
but that cool voice within,
that never seemed to stop saying:
"stop that !"
We saw a movie,
"was it interesting?"
I'm sorry,
I hardly remember the content,
not even the title.
I was busy 
with the thoughts in my head,
and the soft flesh my hands felt,
a clothed thigh,
and an open knee.
The rain stopped,
my head ached,
My body burned,
I felt weak,
worn out,
and less of me.
She would see me off,
I still felt like holding her,
sucking the sweet out of her mouth,
and admring her beautiful eyes.
I knew she felt something too,
but what it is,
I don't know,
but this I'm sure off,
she would have loved more tonight,
but still,
the cool voice within her,
would tell her:
"stop that!"
I said "goodbye"
I was down,
I was broken,
I lost appetite,
I felt incapable,
I lay on my bed,
in the dark,
at the mercy of no lamp,
and this time around,
it was just me.
I spoke with God,
I cried,
and I asked for nothing,
but grace, 
and forgiveness.
I was bittered,
at no one,
save myself.
I slept off
and a soothing came,
for in the dark where i fell,
a rising came for me.
I woke up,
I ate,
and I felt new.
I was grateful,
really grateful to God,
for keeping me,
and drawing me closer 
to Himself.
Till now, 
I recall memories,
and all I do is pray,
for you,
for her,
and for me,
that when the sea rages,
and the tides entice,
may we listen to the voice within,
and may we all
walk on waters.
                                                            -GINI ISHI

Lagos, Nigeria
  • In d silent whispers of the dark night, we find a dangerous allure...

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