JOYMARIE (led creatively by Joymary Okafor) is a cotemporary feminine brand that  understands the identity and personality of a woman who's ready to express herself through a simple and elegant silhouettes but yet she also wants to be stylish,confident,bold,effortless and sophisticated in great styles and shapes.

JOYMARIE showcased her first ever ready to wear collection at the Nigerian Student Fashion And Design Week 2015 a fashion event promoting and encouraging young and emerging Nigerian fashion designers with a platform for designers to connect with a student audience to promote their respective brands. Where she emerged as the first runner up.

To find out more about JOYMARIE send us an email to: joymarie_ng@yahoo.com
Twitter: Joymarie_ng
Instagram: Joymarie_ng
Call:  08092869669 08035664041

  • The collection is inspired and designed for the woman who loves her vintage sense of fashion but also wants to keep up and fit into the contemporary style of today's fashion.

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