My anus is not free
6th July, 2015 Writers
My anus is free,
Only for today,
Sometimes when i want to expel my smelly self,its busy
Now,my hairy,self-cleansing,rancid hole is restless,
aching to take another man's one eyed,unpoisonous snake in,
For a continous shelter perhaps.

Is this nature playing prank on me or a white chauvinistic sheep luring me to an after-thought?
Hmmm....i can't say,its a sweet derision forced down my throat,
I only have to slurp it secretly noisily,
avoiding peeping eyes or the mocking bird.

The once long,lustful look at a woman is now distasteful,
though she careful pushed me out of her slimmy self,
i no longer need to look her way again to procreate,
All i want is to accept another man's horror-offering with my eyes jutting out of their socket in a temporal rythmic shaky squirms.

You think am lost in my twisted rectum?
How hollow!
I would love to write a story about how it can no longer hold shit.

i take the cat steps,
watching my back until i heard a loud bang that handed my anus a free pass
by the agitators,
more giggling,
Abrupt shakedown and melting,
I am not a luddite,
my anus is never free.
Lagos, Nigeria
  • A turbulent poetry that portrays the complexities of an homosexual lifestyle and its gradual acceptance into a once ethical,traditional society.

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