6th July, 2015 Writers
Hey lovely neighbour
Yu are new here 
Hi and bye for now 
I am knocking on yur door 
Yu said nothing there 
I bother yu, don't roar.

Yur lips, now hiss 
Yu wanna tell me off 
Yu have had enough 
Overtime, my lips, yu kiss 
Now yu tell me stuffs 
As yu have had it rough 

Yu hoard yur trust
Yet yu up the stairs
In short bursts 
Yu don't mind the stares 

All yur walls tumbling
Yu know yu love me 
Correct me if am wrong 
Emotions hot, boiling and rumbling 
Yu hate my guts, I see 
Still I am not wrong, cause yu are stung 

Inexplicable we probably are 
With the much started aversion
Neighbours to lovers 
Change of version 

When did things change?
Probably the go-betweens
Yu know when yu look back 
Days mounting up a continuum
Remember the "tell me off" stage 
Remember the "tell me stuff" scenes 
I upset yur rack, yur love rack 
Took yu away from yur norm 

To find something to blame 
Won't be lame 
Grand finale, sweet equity
So blame it on PropinquitY
Lagos, Nigeria
  • Leave nothing to chance; as birds who happen to be close to each other grow similar feathers.

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